WISP628 available as a kit for $30, or fully assembled, direct from the Webshop in the Netherlands.  Free programming software. MDM-1 Interface cable also available. RECOMMENDED

PICSTART Plus from Microchip, starter product  but a bit expensive these days.  Available from various distributors.

PROMATE II from Microchip, very adaptable with adaptors for surface mount products.  Standalone mode. Available from various distributors.

PROPIC 2 available either as software only, a kit or fully assembled direct from Brazil.

WARP-13a same functionality as the PicStart but about half the price.  Worldwide distributors.

EPIC Low cost, connects via the parallel port.  Worldwide distribution.

PG1 Based on JDM, powered from RS232.  Low cost 8 GBP.  IC-PROG programming software recommended.

Do-It-Yourself 16F87x programmer based on the original JDM. IC-PROG programming software recommended

IC-Prog free programming software for JDM based, and other programmers.
The programmers listed have not all been tested by this reviewer but have been recommended by end users and are listed in good faith.  If you have a particular favourite or have built your own then please e-mail me so it can be included on this site for others.