Hardware/Software Developers
Lascar Electronics undertake software and hardware development but this may depend on volumes.  In the US you should contact the US sales office any enquiries for the rest of the world should be directed to the UK sales office.
E2L are based in Monmouth, South Wales.  Hardware and software developers. Have  implemented floating point mathematical processes to specialist monitoring equipment.  Also used for laboratory testing.  E2L are an approved Arizona Microchip PIC consultant.  They can be contacted via E-mail or visit there website.
Wouter Van Ooijen of Van Ooijen Technische Informatica (Wrote the JAL compiler) based in Amersfoort Netherlands can be contacted via E-mail or visit his website.
Sid Jones, based in North Wales has written several MDM-1 applications in PIC assembler.  He can be contacted via E-mail.
Vasile Surducan develops hardware and software  (Several of the routines used in the JAL DVM were adaptations of his work) based in Romania can be contacted via E-mail or visit his website.